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How It Works!

HireOrder Thinking Inc.(HOT) mission is to create meaningful connections by providing affordable world-class education, using comprehensive resources, highly-qualified instructors, targeted content, use of the internet & technology, to improve the lives and ensure sustainability of students around the world. 

It is proven that boosting a students knowledge and know how demands a change for the better within the educational setting environment. Our company offers the knowhow, guidance and support that teachers or parents/guardians need to obtain outstanding results in our programs, for their students or child(ren).

Our System of Achievement, our Process, and our Solution to academic success is very simple and it works! Our programs are designed to ensure your child is university/college, technical fields and/or career ready! We will provide your child a platform that will reach and captivate any student, at any level, to a diverse and enriched way of learning; with our hands-on, project-based, multisensory , real-world learning approachs to instructing--students learn quickly and are given the tools to reinforce their learning advancement for year to come!

Our program is affordable, effective, and easily accessible from mainly any device, check it out!


          Laptop/NotebookUse                                        Tablet Use                               Mobile Use


Look at all that comes with our lessons:

     •English/Language Arts and Mathematics tutorials

    •Take advance lessons to challenge the student or slow down and review past areas of struggle for mastery!

    •Serving students in grades PreK-5th

    •24/7 learning access in a secure web environment

    •Video/Audio Conferencing Chat Rooms with interactive technology

    •Students will work with simulations and animations to maximize learning!

    •Mobile learning from virtually any device!- No special equipment or software is needed.

    •Tools for highlighting and drawing

    •Tools for chatting and texting

    •Virtual whiteboard workspace

    •Tools to add text to an image, share web pages, images, programs and other forms of media

    •Engage with a tutor during a scheduled time, still including all the advantages of the Chat Room

      tutorials plus live

    •Connect to your tutor as often as your child needs help! Simply select the subject content, grade

      level, and then get connected to a tutor

    •Measure real-time student engagement in each class session!

    •Monitor student achievement and teacher performance

    •Engaging lessons that follow Common Core State Standards of each of the 45 states, 4 territories, and DC

    •Materials that cover each state standard strand objective provided for every student subscription

    •Ongoing tracking of  the individual learner progress!

    •Criterion-referenced Pre/Posttest & ongoing progress reports

    •Ongoing assessments to focus on student achievement

    •Our sessions are just like working face to face with a tutor!

    •Convenient sessions for various schedules and are super fun for the student(s)! 


 Challenges of the Public School classrooms…





Often uninspiring 
  and irrelevant
  curriculum materials

Lack of 
  sharing among 
  the educational community




tools and supplies



training for



Unskilled teachers in differentiated &

multisensory instruction

Teachers teaching to test